Coordinate Transformation Program

This web application transforms coordinates from a NAD83 State Plane Northing & Easting into a WGS84 Latitude & Longitude. From the GUI the user must select the State Plane Coordinate zone the current points are in, then the user must either upload a CSV of points or enter a manual Northing & Easting. Then the user must select which output is desired, the options are: CSV, GPX, GoogleMaps, or ESRIMaps. The Mobile version of the application has been W3 Mobile Validated

Mobile Web Page click here
Page With RMSE Test Button click here
Zone 4205 TX-South (feet) Sample Points CSV FILE
Map of RMSE Accuracy in Various Texas Counties MAP1 MAP2
Source Code of Web Page Please Contact

Version 2.0 - Added Mobile Version, W3 Validated Code
Version 1.5 - Added RMSE Test Button
Version 1.3 - Added GPX File Output & ERSIMaps
Version 1.2 - Added GoogleMaps API Output
Version 1.0 - First Working Version, Outputs Only to CSV
Version .9b - Switched to Proj4.js Library
Version .1b - Beta Code that Scrapes SPC83 Page

Future Versions:

- Add more State Plane Zones
- Add additional zones to transform to
- Create Shapefile of Points