Projects Continued

PCB Contamination in California

These PDF maps were created with ArcMap version 10.1 with data from Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition showing PCB contamination of California groundwater 1 2 3 4

CAD of Residential Lot and Adjoiners

This CAD file was created using Autocad 2014. Field Equipment Included: Leica Total Station & TopCon GPS unit. Lot's Legal Information acquired from County Clerks Office. JPG 1

2005 Hurricane Katrina & Effects

These maps were created using ArcMap version 10.1 with data from NOAA showing Hurricane Katrina ( 2005 ) and its effects to the Gulf Coast . 1 2 3 4 5

OPUS Shared Solution

Monument was set and a two-hour OPUS solution was obtained and uploaded for verfication to NOAA. OPUS Solution was accepted as PID: BBCX05 OPUS SOLUTION

Latest Map

Historical Flow Map of Second Punic War. Hannibal vs. Scipio in the War for Mediterranean supremacy.

Latest News

Added Mobile web page to transform NAD83 State Plane Northing & Easting into WGS84 Latitude & Longitude.

Latest Projects

Map of World Population Figures Built Using HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) & D3 (Data Driven Documents)